Scientific Calculator with Speech


Large button, big display scientific calculator designed specifically for users with low vision. Performs scientific, statistical and trigonometric calculations, and fractions. It has the ability to evaluate functions, and enables you to evaluate mathematical expressions. Includes speech output via earbuds which are included.

- Three language audio output in English, Français and Espanõl (Arabic coming soon)

- High resolution, 7" four-line colour display

- Selectable foreground/background colours

- Only 20oz

- Long life battery, and includes USB charger and country specific adapter

- Available in blue or silver

- Comes with high quality, large print, spiral bound user manual in selected language

- 1 yr warranty

View the manuals in EnglishFrançais, and Espanõl

View an accessible version of the SciPlus-3300 in English.

For state testing requirements in Florida and Virginia: The SciPlus-3300 is also available with modifications that comply with the requirements as outlined by the State Department of Education for the states of Florida and Virginia. There is no extra cost. For a description of the modifications, click here

If you wish to purchase a SciPlus-3300 with the modifications, please make note of this in the "Add special instructions for your order..." area on the check-out screen of Your Cart. 

For Customers Requiring Form W-9 Ben: As a Canadian corporation, Sight Enhancement Systems is required to provide form W-8Ben-E in lieu of form W-9 Ben. Contact us for our signed W-8Ben-E form.